CanAgent pro is unlike any of the competition out there. See we realize that Realestate agents and Website builders should do what they do best, Sell Real Estate and Build Websites. What we do best is feeding your website with real estate Listings that is SEO Driven and Easy for your visitors to navigate, we drive traffic because the data is indexed on your site with search engines and traffic is business!


CanAgent Pro Service is the thing we are selling here. We don’t sell you a plugin and then feed you to a 300 page manual and a support forum that may or may not contain the answers to your problems. We at CanAgent pro have built this plugin so that you could easily install it and operate it, but why not let Us do that for you instead? We’ll Install it, configure it, provide you with pages of listings however you like them sorted and ensure its compatibility with all the other plugins and themes your using and fits the needs of you the REALTOR® and the expectations of your client base.


The problem with other solutions are, installation and configuration is not simple so you end up having to pay them to install it, and if something breaks, you pay them to fix it. You wait and wait and hopefully your problem gets solved in a reasonable time sometimes not at all. The big problem with their model is they sell you the plugin, when sales drop they cannot afford the support staff to service you. Your website is down, your customers and clients are disappointed and at the end of the day your not doing what you are supposed to be doing… “Selling Real Estate”. Our monthly or yearly license ensures you are up and running and your issues corrected in a reasonable timeframe and compatible with those other plugins you need for your site. It also ensures that development goes on, features are added, requests are listened too and the enhancements are included. And we do it for you as part of that license agreement.




With CanAgent Pro’s search bar which can be placed anywhere sidebars or columns can be placed you are able to sort listings by listing id, any part of an address field, Property types, or waterfront properties including a propagated list of lakes for your area or the type of property be it recreational, residential, commercial, retail, office etc.


Grid or List you can decide how your listings look best not just in your website but on pages. You don’t have to default your site to Grid and live with that everywhere. You can default your site Grid and change that preference per page in the shortcode.


With CanAgent pro your visitors are able to easily find or sort your listings in unimaginable ways. We don’t just provide sorting by price or by bedrooms, you can use shortcodes to sort by any field of data in the listing database. You want to see only houses with 3 bedrooms and a dishwasher. You got it!


With other systems you must download or find some way to display your information on the listing pages. With CanAgent Pro we have fixed that. You can decide to show no agent, Show just yourself, or for a brokerage show the agent that has listed the property without the need to add any code or plugin to identify yourself. Just pick yourself from the database (if you have a listing) and you are good to go. If you don’t have a listing, no fear, you can manually enter your data as well.


At CanAgent Pro we are familiar with all the problems the other services provide. They all seem to require special hosting and features that you may or may not have with your current website. What then? With CanAgent Pro the listings and pictures batch sizes can be configured to allow for hosting that has limited memory resources and eliminates timeout errors. As well we have added a custom CSS section so that you can easily change the styles of your listings at any time should you have the knowledge and desire to do so. We will be adding several listing themes to help better mold the plugin to your style and website theme.


In the back end of CanAgent Pro is both a manual and cron sync log file so you can easily determine if there has been any problem syncing your listings and contact us for any support you might need. Remember we are here to help you, and that means to solve your problems for you not help you solve your problems.


There is a fully featured listing sync function in the back end so you can test the sync functions at any time as well as update your listings more often than you have set your cron time up for. This also allows us to determine if the sync settings are set up optimally to allow your site to function properly on your chosen hosting company.


If your website is responsive you will love CanAgent Pro. It works perfectly with Smartphones, Tablets and Computers alike. The ability to place a QR code on the property’s FOR SALE sign allows you to point passer’s by directly to YOUR website so YOU capture the business.

For over a year now sites that were not deemed responsive by Google were dropped down in the search rankings and preference given to responsive sites that format properly on the screen they are viewed in search results on those devices. Don’t be left out of the loop. Get CanAgent Pro for your WordPress Website.

The Feature List

Responsive & Mobile

  • Works Flawlessly on Mobile Phones
  • Works Flawlessly on Tablets
  • Formats for any current or up and coming screen sizes
  • provides painless on the fly info for your clients

Advanced Content Filtering

  • All content fields can be used to display listings
  • Display listings by town, city, lake,  even by appliance if you like!

Hosting Compatibility

  • Batch download sizes can be set to play nice with cheaper hosting
  • You can have the plugin download property images only if the property is viewed to save hosting space

Easy to use

  • We provide a comprehensive guide to install and configure!
  • But why bother with that, we will do it for you FREE!
  • The order form asks for all the info we need to provide free installation

Fully Configurable

  • Brokerages can advertise their agents
  • Agents can be associated with all listings
  • Or full page listing with no advertised agent

Free Updates

  • Lifetime updates
  • We’ve set our business model to ensure future enhancements are always in the works!

Easy to Customize

  • Pages of listings by Town/City
  • Pages of listings by Lake/waterfront
  • Catalog your listings how your visitors want

Works great with

  • Most wordpress themes
  • Most hosting packages
  • All Canadian DDF® Listing Data Feeds

Rich Back-End

  • Easily erase all listing data and tables
  • Do a manual sync at any time for updates
  • build your CRON command for automated updates
  • Select agent to advertise or no agent association