Real Estate DDF® Technology

What is DDF®?

Crea’s DDF® (Data Distribution Facility) is a server based technology designed to collect real estate listings all over Canada and to provide that data to other secondary sources in a responsible and accurate way.

DDF® Listing Distribution Channels


REALTORS® can share listings in a national pool across Canada. REALTORS® listings will be displayed on member websites and REALTORS® can receive a feed of other participant’s listings on their website and vice versa.


REALTORS® of a participating franchise can share their listings in a National Franchisor Pool across Canada. a REALTORS®’s listing will be displayed on the Franchisor’s Website and vice versa.


The Member Website Feed allows REALTORS® to display their own or their office’s listings on their real estate website.


Brokerage owners have the option to gain exposure by sending listing content to their own Franchisor’s Direct Feed.


Brokerage owners and sales agents have the option to choose which Real Estate Advertising Website or Partner Site they wish to promote their listings. REALTORS® listings are sent to your choice of Real Estate Advertising Websites at the same time they are sent to

What does CanAgent Pro Provide?

CanAgent pro firstly provides a plugin that can be installed into any Realtor’s or Brokerage wordpress website to provide that data connection to the CREA DDF® Listing server to provide indexable (search engine searchable) content for that website and format the listings in such a way that suits the website owners specific needs.


CanAgent Pro takes the horror out of installing, configuring, fixing, solving problems by supplying the plugin with free installation, configuration and to have your pages created for you, how you need them to be.

Most other wordpress listing plugins supply you with the plugin and license and you are then fed to the dogs to get things intalled and working, and more often than not correcting stylesheet issues where other necessary plugins and themes conflict or render things unsightly.  And we make ourselves available to fix issues down the road as you add and adjust your website over time.   CanAgent pro is more than just a plugin, it’s your dedicated support team!

Attention WordPress Theme Developers

CanAgent Pro is looking to partner with wordpress theme developers to provide canned real estate Agent and Brokerage themes that contain the CanAgent Pro plugin core.

We believe that partnering with theme developers for Real Estate websites will provide benefits to both parties. Imagine a real estate website in a box already set up to manage and display CREA® fed listing data!

The idea would be to allow you the theme developer to sell CanAgent Pro licenses at a discounted rate allowing you to benefit monthly from each license sold.

Unlike other solutions that feed you to the dogs, CanAgent Pro is constantly adding features to it’s plugin and helps the end purchaser by configuring the plugin and setting up the pages for the agents and brokers. We feel Real Estate brokers and agents should do what they do best and not be frustrated by complex website headaches.

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