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CanAgent Pro Professionals do not feed you to the dogs!

We want to see you succeed. When you succeed, we succeed. Therefore unlike all the other options, we will install and configure the plugin for you including listing pages based on your needs and criteria. We get you up and running and are there for you should something happen to get you back up and running again in record time!

The age of the do it yourself website is upon us.

However, more and more realtors are becoming aware that as much as they try to emphasize how important it is to use a Realtor when dealing in a Real Estate Transaction, It’s also important to deal with proper web devlopers and designers when promoting their businesses in the digital world.

Trusting in your website provider is extremely important and in the extremely compteitive Real Estate industry it’s important to not fall behind your competition!  It’s no secret that the more content you have on your website the more traffic you see – The more business you do. With CanAgent Pro, all the real estate listings in your DDF® data feed are indexed on your site properly and can be easily shared to the most popular social media sites.

CanAgent Pro can increase your web traffic many times over.

Because with DDF® your listings are contained within your website and because that content is constantly changing, the resultant effect that has on Search Engine Optimization is staggering.  Many providers of listings don’t actually index the listing content on your domain but on their domain and supply you the visuals.  CanAgent Pro ensures all that content is to YOUR benefit not ours like many other listing providers or framed in content.


Looking for support?

If you are looking for support, please log into your Account Here and create a support ticket and we will be right in touch with you!